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A reliable and speedy Internet connection is something that everyone in America should have, but many people are paying too high of a price for Internet that provides too little. They have to deal with network congestion reminiscent of dial-up due to Internet service providers overselling their services. HughesNet exists as an alternative that allows for anyone in the United States to gain access to a broadband Internet connection that's reliable, fast and secure for a price that's more than just affordable. All you need to have is a clear view of the southern sky to take advantage of all HughesNet has to offer.

Say Goodbye to Slow Internet

Setting up and using your HughesNet satellite broadband connection is as simple as having one of our professionals install a satellite dish towards the southern sky. Once it's set up, you can plug in your HughesNet connection to any Ethernet-enabled device, which includes your computer or your favorite networking router. There's plenty of reasons that you should switch from your current Internet service provider to HughesNet. Let's explore some of the more common reasons that our customers have switched to get the service that they deserve.

The Benefits of HughesNet

Dial-up is slow, frustrating and from the last millennium. It cuts out and forces you to wait minutes for even the simplest of web pages to load. You might even have to pass up using the advanced, responsive features that modern computing can provide because of it. There's no reason that you should be forced to use something so inadequate. By switching to HughesNet's Gen4 satellite service, you'll acquire an instant and uninterrupted connection to surf the Internet, download pictures, enjoy multimedia and more. The best part about it is that all these things can be done in a hundredth of the time it would take to do on a sluggish dial-up connection.

Satellite Internet from HughesNet

Most Internet service providers make you pay outlandish prices to pay the cost of laying network infrastructure. This is why fiber optic, cable and high-speed DSL Internet tends to have prices that go through the roof. HughesNet already has all the infrastructure that you'll need to establish and maintain your Internet connection. That's why our prices are not only affordable, but they're so much cheaper than what other Internet providers want you to pay. Another way that Internet service providers profit off you is by overselling their network. The reasoning behind this is that very few people will use the bandwidth that they're paying for, which means that they can resell that unused bandwidth. This causes network jams during hours of peak activity, which means that your Internet slows down. It also means that you're not getting what you're paying for.

With HughesNet, this doesn't happen. You get a consistent spend because the network isn't oversold. You get exactly what we promise. Dial-up and DSL connections tend to be fairly delicate due to the archaic technology that they use. This leaves them susceptible to things like line noise, intermittent disconnections and, in the case of dial-up, dropping your Internet connection when someone calls your home. When you use HughesNet, these problems become a thing of the past. You'll never get a busy signal or experience a dropped connection because someone called your phone.

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Free yourself with HughesNet's cutting edge Gen4 satellite broadband Internet today. You'll gain a reliable connection that doesn't cut out during the rain and one that allows you to experience all the web has to offer with blazing Internet speeds.


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